Thank you so much to Dr. Alice Kandell for the opportunity, and to Jonathan Estabrooks for producing the outstanding YouTube clip.  Bravi all!

Vital Voices, a foundation based in  Washington DC was founded by Hillary Clinton at the end of her term in the White House.  it is dedicated to helping women world-wide.  Although Vital Voices addresses many women's issues such as sex trafficking,  last week 25 young women entrepreneurs from all over the world who have started their own businesses in their countries will complete their month in the USA.  They have been carefully selected by the US State Department to take part in a program in the US  funded by Goldman Sachs and administered by Vital Voices. supported by the US State Department. The women have spent a month with a CEO or executive of a major corporation here in their own field so as to learn how to run their businesses.  The women have  been all over the US and now in their final night, they came together to say goodbye and celebrate their experience here.  On their last night of this program they gathered at the Penthouse of Alice Kandell who feted them and "surprised" them with something new  and never done before, a "FLASH MOB" opera, selections of Verdi's "La Traviata"  Dr. Kandell has retained  the Williamsburg VA opera company to perform with soloists and small chorus.  It was a most festive and totally surprising experience for all.