Stryker Center

Stryker Center

Stryker Building

The Stryker Center at 412 North Boundary, Williamsburg, VA (near the Williamsburg Regional Library) is used for our free public meet-the-artists receptions. The larger meeting room is close to parking, is fully accessible, and has 90 chairs.

Colonial Heritage clubhouse.jpg

Colonial Heritage Clubhouse

The Colonial Heritage Clubhouse at 6500 Arthur Hills Drive, Williamsburg, VA (across Richmond Road from the New Pottery), is used for our dinner concerts. It provides an elegant room with table seatings and a performing stage. There is excellent parking and the building is fully accessible.

Williamsburg Regional Library Auditorium.JPG

Williamsburg Regional library auditorium

The auditorium at the Williamsburg Regional Library at 515 Scotland Street, Williamsburg, VA, is used for some concerts and the Anne Frank opera. It provides 260 comfortable seats and good sight lines, as well as convenient parking. The building and the auditorium are fully accessible.