College Students and College Programs

Students are very welcome at our performances, and have regularly formed about 20% of our audience (not counting the free attendance of K-12 students at our dress rehearsals).

Operas are relevant to a wide range of subjects studied in college: musical and dramatic performing, of course, and also languages and cultures, history, art and art history, sociology and anthropology, gender, psychology… We would love for courses and groups of students to come to our performances, and will gladly look into visiting and collaborating with college classes and instructors in other ways.

coming to our operas

We keep our student price particularly low — $15, as compared with $52 for a regular ticket and $47 for other discount tickets. Groups of 10 people or more can get a $5 discount per ticket on our web site by using the discount code “GROUP." Please give us a try!

Visiting courses

If you would like to arrange for a visit to your class by one of our team — whether by performers or by creative team members — please get in touch with us. Matters covered can range from history of the art and artistic vision to diction; the class can be a presentation, take the form of a masterclass, or be a question-and-answer session.

on-stage and backstage experience

We will gladly involve students in our productions and work with individual students and faculty members to make it possible. Such participation requires commitment to rehearse and be present at the performances. It is a way to experience creative work alongside outstanding performers with international experience and excellent creative team members.

Occasionally there may be paid work opportunities backstage for qualified individuals. Please get in touch with us.