Our heartfelt thanks to Sibilla Dengs of ArtCafe26 for hosting a beautiful reception for us.  We need sponsors like you!

Left to right, front:  Sibilla Dengs, ArtCafe26 owner; Naama Zahavi-Ely; Jamison Livsey; Nikoleta Rallis; Raquel Suarez; Tal Ganor.  Back: Pedro Quiralte-Gomez, Mathieu Guertin, Fiorella Velez, Sidney Outlaw, Jonathan Blalock, Jorge Parodi, Theodora Noll, Kinneret Ely.  Picture by David Scherer.  The subtitle under the picture in the newspaper is incorrect:  the occasion was our meet-the-artists function on October 24, 2012, not the reception after the show (which was held at the Kimball).