What is the Kimball Theatre like?

Kimball before Barbiere.jpg

The Kimball Theatre is an intimate 400-seat venue. It has a traditional proscenium arch and gently raked seating. All seats have good sightlines and are at a distance from the stage that would be considered prime orchestra seats in a larger opera house. The theater was recently named one of the "50 Best Small Stage Theaters in America" by clickitticket.com

How can I find a good seat?

Come to the performance and pick your seat — at the present time, the theater offers only general seating. You are assured of having a seat in the theater, since we never sell more tickets than we have seats; but the specific seat you sit in is the one you pick as you come into the theater. All seats in the house have excellent sightlines and are easy to reach; the choice of a specific seat is a matter of personal preference, and of availability when you come into the theater.
We do mark specific seats for persons who need them because of disability — please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you. We also thank our most generous donors by reserving specific seats for them at the performance that they buy tickets for.

Do we need to dress formally?

The Kimball Theatre is a friendly place. Nowadays, any decent clothing that you would wear in public would be perfectly acceptable, and you will find plenty of others in the theater wearing jeans and t-shirts. You will also find in our audience guests who enjoy celebrating the occasion by wearing their finest. We welcome all, and so do your fellow audience-members.