Other visits

We make it a practice to visit groups that are not able to come to our opera performances when we can, to provide short high-quality concerts of opera singing.

Groups and individuals who can come to our fully-staged operas at the Kimball Theatre are highly encouraged to do so. Concerts of opera singing, however excellent, are not a substitute to the effect of a full opera that combines musical and theatrical performance.

assisted living communities

We make every effort to facilitate access for audience members with accessibility needs. The Kimball Theatre has spaces for wheelchairs and for guests who need to move from a wheelchair to a seat. We will gladly reserve the kind of seat that a particular guest needs.

We recognize that some would find it difficult to join us at the Kimball Theatre even with the best accommodations we can provide. To arrange for a concert at an assisted living community, please get in touch with us and we will do what we can.

Memory care communities

Music sometimes has a way of reaching people who face challenges in daily communication. We are happy to visit communities of care for people with memory impairment and bring what joy we can. Please get in touch with us.

Other groups

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can facilitate your or your group’s visit to see our operas. For programs involving outreach by our singers, please get in touch with us as well. Than you so much!

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