Home-Schooled Students

Dress Rehearsal

Home-schooled K-12 students are welcome at our dress rehearsals, with responsible adult chaperones. Attendance is free, with prior arrangement.


  • on stage

  • Backstage

  • helping opera in williamsburg,

We may be able to include a few homeschooled students in helping backstage or participating as supernumeraries in an opera. You will need to commit to a rehearsal schedule, and to be at all the performances. This can be a wonderful opportunity for a young person interested in the performing arts to work alongside outstanding professional artists.

We also look for volunteers who would help our company: distribute posters, tell others about Opera in Williamsburg and our productions, help at events.

Group activities and educational materials

We will be happy to find and share education materials about opera in general and the specific opera that is coming up.

It may also be possible to organize activities for groups of home-schoolers. Such activities would have to be open to the public, and the group organizer would need to provide an appropriate space.

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