Opera in Williamsburg Advisory Board as of November 2018

  • Oliver Portmann (Chair)

  • Susan Baime

  • Jayne Barnard

  • Gulay Berryman

  • Dot Bryant

  • Michael Bryant

  • Carolyn Campbell

  • Branch Fields

  • Ivana Genov

  • Clyde Haulman

  • Linda Kligman Try

  • Paul Maramaldi (Secretary)

  • Brenda Mitchell

  • Jorge Parodi (Music Director)

  • Linda Reilly

  • Thomas Taormina

    Naama Zahavi-Ely
    (Founder, Artistic and General Director)

The Advisory Board meets once a month on most months, about ten times a year. Minutes are taken, circulated, and approved. Most advisory board members are active volunteers with Opera in Williamsburg year-round.

For information about the board and board meetings please contact the chair at oportmann@gmail.com .

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